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The IRS can be a formidable foe. Many view them as the most aggressive collection agency on the planet. Let’s face it, the IRS doesn’t collect taxes by being nice, it collects taxes by being ruthless.  If you need tax help, we are here. In 30+ years, we have seen everything.

Use our experience.

We don’t judge, we don’t second guess. We just fix problems – your problems.

We will deal directly with the IRS so you don’t have to.

IRS Notices – The Easy Way to Diagnose Your IRS Tax Problem

The first indicator that you have a problem with the IRS usually comes in the form of a notice you receive in the mail. There are a variety of notices with all sorts of hidden traps and nuances. Identifying which IRS notice you’ve received will help you determine where you fall in the IRS collections process.

IRS Collections Process – Understanding the Severity of Your IRS Tax Problem

After we have identified the type of notice the IRS sent you, we are ready to determine exactly where you are in the IRS collections process – Audit Notice, Collection Letter, Bank Levies, Attachment of Wages, etc.

IRS Debt
– The Most Common Tax Problem

IRS debt, also known as delinquent tax, back taxes, and tax debt, is by far the most common problem people have with the IRS. Similar to credit card or other outstanding debt, IRS tax debt can take on a life of its own, snowballing into substantial amounts of debt rather quickly with the addition of IRS penalties, late fees, and the consistent addition of more and more interest.

Unfiled Tax Returns – A Curable Tax Problem

There are all sorts of reasons why people wind up not filing their tax returns. The problem is that taxpayers tend to slip into a back tax trap, where one unfiled tax return becomes two, and three, and on down the line.

This is one of the more dangerous tax problems we see because the IRS waits an indeterminate amount of time before filing a substitute for return for a taxpayer, which is quickly followed by a notice and a bill for delinquent tax, plus penalties, plus interest.  Often the penalties and interest exceed the tax liability. The unfiled return may be years past due by the time the IRS acts, which only increases the amount you owe. Filing a past-due tax return before the IRS files for you is critical in saving you money and reducing the potential for additional IRS problems.

Tax Preparation and Difficult Tax Returns
– Stopping Tax Problems before They Start

You can prevent most, if not all, IRS tax problems by following a few simple rules of thumb. The most important rule is to file your taxes every year, even if you can’t pay.

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