Stop Harassing Phone Calls

Filing bankruptcy places an automatic stay on all judgment actions against you and should stop harassing collection calls and letters immediately.

However, creditors may still try to take advantage of your situation and demand that you make any overdue payments. If creditors continue to harass you after you have retained a bankruptcy lawyer, you have the right to file a lawsuit against them.

Debt Terminators represents clients throughout Western Pennsylvania in actions against harassment from creditors . We work hard to protect you from your creditors and we pride ourselves for excellent service in debt relief.

Contact us today and set up a free initial consultation. Once you retain our bankruptcy law firm, you can start referring all of your creditors to us and we will take action if necessary to protect your rights. Your creditors can face a lawsuit for violating the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and other consumer protection laws.

Bankruptcy Can Give You the Advantage

As a consumer, you are afforded several protections under state and federal consumer protection acts. Pennsylvania is known for having one of the most favorable consumer protection laws in the country. We have over 10 years experience handling bankruptcy cases exclusively. We know the laws and will use all of our knowledge and experience to protect your rights!

Get Started on Your Path Toward Debt Relief

Creditors can often be very unreasonable, fighting you at every attempt to negotiate a payment agreement or reorganization plan to pay off debt. If you have tried working with your creditors and are getting nowhere, sometimes your best option is to file bankruptcy. This will give you the protection that you need and an experienced staff to answer any questions. Debt relief is just a phone call away!